Great Grandmother's Soup

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Great Grandmother's Soup

Post by pstarkoski on Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:32 am

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Great Grandmother's Soup

This is my family's favorite soup recipe. It NEVER turns out the same way twice. They call it Great Grandmother's Soup (it was her recipe she passed to me)
First everytime you peel an onion, peel potatos, cut any vegetable take the part you would normally throw away and put it in a gallon size zip lock bag and stick it in the freezer. Once that bag is full you are ready to go.

Take ziplock bag and empty into a large pot. Fill with water. Boil until mush. Strain out mush, saving soup base. Throw out mush. Now with base in pot, clean out the fridge... any left over that will be good in soup add away! I sometimes add a pound of stew meat too and/or a can of stewed tomatoes. It is never the same twice but it is always good! Only once in the hundreds of times of making it need I need to add salt. IF you have left overs, it freezes well too.

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