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(Bien Venidos al Gabaldon de Casa Vieja)

This is a classic recipe of the Italian cuisine, and a great way to do a tender piece of venison. For the showman, this is a natural for tableside chafing dish presentation, complete with flames and the most wonderful aroma imaginable.

For two people, you will need two, thin 4-5 ounce pieces of your venison, the sirloin or a tender slice of leg are ideal. With a meat hammer, or the side of a coke bottle, carefully flatten the meat till it is very thin. Try for a roughly square shape when you are done. On each piece of meat, place a couple very thin slices of real Italian Procciuto ham. On these, put a thin slice of good muzzarela cheese, about 1/8 inch thick. Now roll each package up, jellyroll fashion, tucking the ends in neatly. Tie in a couple places so they will hold together. The Saltimboca can be prepared to this point well ahead of when they will be needed. Just before serving, heat a heavy skillet or chafing dish, add:

2 Tbl. butter

Saute the Saltimboca in the butter until they are cooked through and lightly browned. Then add:

1/4 cup real Italian Dry Marsala Wine

Flame the wine,when flames go out, add:

2 Tbl. butter

Toss the Saltimboca around a bit until the butter is melted and forms a sauce. Serve with linguini, a nice salad and a bottle of dry red wine.
This is the old recipe from Casa Vieja Restaurant
Corrales, New Mexico, Cerca 1975

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