Beef stir fry (TNT)

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Beef stir fry (TNT)

Post by pstarkoski on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:07 am


This recipe is good served with brown rice and garnished with chopped toasted almonds, shredded carrots, and sliced scallions.

2 tbs cornstarch
12 oz boneless sirloin steak, cut in strips
4 tsp canola oil
2 bell peppers, cut in strips
1 pound bok choy, cut in pieces, stalks and leaves separated
4 oz snow peas
1 1/2 tbs minced ginger
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp orange zest
1/2 cup orange juice
1 tbs plus 1 tsp soy sauce

Put cornstarch in a plastic bag, add beef, seal and shake to coat. Heat 2 tsp oil in skillet. Add beef, stir fry until cooked through, remove to a plate. Heat remaining oil in skillet, add bell pepper and bok choy stalks, stir fry until tender. Add bok choy leaves and peas, stir fry 2 min. Push veggies to edge of skillet, put ginger and garlic in middle. Cook 30 seconds. Add beef, orange zest and juice and soy sauce. Stir to combine with veggies until simmering. Transfer to serving plates and SPRINKLE WITH GARNISHES ABOVE. Makes 4 servings.*

Recipe Source: The-Apple-Dumpling-Gang yahoo group (Russie)


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