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True meaning of Christmas Empty True meaning of Christmas

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From: True meaning of Christmas Cool_global_nickTrue meaning of Christmas Cpstarkoski (Original Message)Sent: 5/18/2007 9:43 AM

Here is the project I have been working on .... I am thinking of putting this in my Christmas craft show in November.
Here is the website and pictures of the ornaments I made up as samples and also unfinished ornaments to sell as a kit so the kids can decorate them however they want. I will include a picture of the samples I made to give them some ideas and I think I will also include a package of various sequins. They will have to supply their own paints, markers, glitter, etc. for however they want to finish them. I will also make up a page of the meanings of these Christmas symbols.
I think this will be a neat idea for parents or grandparents to do with the kids and also be able to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas....If you look at the website, they will explain the meaning of each ornament. You can also get patterns for the ornaments there too.

True Meaning of Christmas Symbols:

Finished samples:
True meaning of Christmas Pbucket

Finished samples:
True meaning of Christmas Pbucket

Unfinished ornaments for the kids to do themselves:
True meaning of Christmas Pbucket


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