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Newsletter: UFOs for 2014 about to kick off!‏

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Newsletter: UFOs for 2014 about to kick off!‏ Empty Newsletter: UFOs for 2014 about to kick off!‏

Post by Texas_Dawn on Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:20 am

Posted here for those who do not get it via email.

Happy Crafting to all our wonderful friends!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a new and better year in 2014!
CTC is getting us ready for the UFO Busters for 2014.

This year everyone is going to post the number of UFO's they have. For Example: CTC 180, Dawn 58, Bonnie 20
Then ctc will take the lowest number which is Bonnie's 20 and write 1-20 on pieces of paper and put them all in a pretty little box. Every week ctc will be drawing out one of those numbers and that is the UFO we will be working on that week. Now lets say Sierra only has 5 UFO's. Then there will only be 5 slips of paper in the box. The rest of us will have our first 5 ufo's. Once we finish a UFO then number 6 will become number 5 and so on. This year we will list what we get ACCOMPLISHED and not what we have to do! The heading will still be UFO week 52(and so on) and then when you open it up you will see what number we are working on that week. This way it gives us a time line. The week's will run from Wednesday to Tuesday(since Jan 1st is on a Wed this year).
Now is the time to start digging ladies! Pull out your UFO's and make a pile and count them! Let's see how many we can get completed this year!
CTC started a post asking for everyone to list the number of UFOs they have. Please take a monent to let us know.
We all look forward to hearing from you!
Also, the blocks of the month should be returning in January! There are some big plans for 2014 for the group. Be sure and stop by so you do not miss out!

Happy Crafting and May you have the very best new year in 2014!

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