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Easy Wrap Angel

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Easy Wrap Angel Empty Easy Wrap Angel

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:04 am

Easy Wrap Angel
Southmaid crochet Cotton, Art. D54
1 300-Yard (275 m) ball.
Choose from colours 7200 White/Silver, 7201 Ecru/Gold or 953 Christmas Variegate.
5/16 (1/2)" [30(50)mm] diameter bead or marble
6 (9)" [15 (23) cm] length of narrow gold braid for hanger
½ (3/4)" [50 (75) mm] diameter gold-tone ring for halo.
9 (14)" [23 (35.5) cm] length of 7/8 [85mm-4 cm] wide gold wired ribbon for bow
3/8 (1/2)" [35 (50) mm] wide gold artificial flower with stem removed
21/2x3 (4x5)" [6x8 cm (10x12.5) cm] piece of cardboard
Glue gun and glue sticks
¾” [75mm] pin back (optional)

Directions are given for small angel. Changes for large angel are in parentheses.

*If gold-tone ring is not available, spray paint a bone ring with gold paint and allow to dry.
Cut two 6" [15 cm] lengths of thread and set aside. Wrap thread around the 3 (5)" [8 (12.5) cm] side of cardboard 75 (125) times for main body. Slip one pre-cut 6" [15 cm] length of thread under all the wraps of thread at one edge of the cardboard. Cut through all the wraps of thread on the opposite edge of the cardboard. Tie the 6" [15 cm] length tightly around the center of the threads and knot securely. The ends of the tie become part of the body threads OR, with knot at the top of the head, the tie can become the hanger. Slip the bead or marble in place in the center of the threads, fold threads together over the bead/marble and tie the second pre-cut length tightly around all the threads immediately under the bead/marble to form the head and neck of the angel.

Cut three 6" [15 cm] lengths of threads and set aside. Wrap the thread around the 2 1/2 (4)" [6 (10) cm] side of the cardboard 30 (50) times for the arms. Slip All wraps off the cardboard at once without cutting or tying. With one of the pre-cut lengths, tie around all the wraps of the threads ¼ (3/Cool” [25 (35) mm] from a folded end to form a wrist. Repeat for second wrist. Open the wraps of the body again and center the arms in the middle of the body threads immediately below the neck. Fold the body threads together again and tie with the last pre-cut length immediately under the arms to form a torso. Bring hands together at center of torso and glue in place. Cut stem from flower and glue in place between hands.

Glue halo to top of head. Tie wired ribbon in a bow for wings and glue the knot to the back of the torso. Glue pin back to the knot of the bow OR slip the braid through the tie at the top of the head for a hanger. Trim ends of thread and ends of ribbons.
Finished size approximately 2 (231/2)" [5 (9) cm] wide by 3 (5)" [8 (12.5) cm] long without hangers.


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