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Connie's Orange Stuff

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Connie's Orange Stuff Empty Connie's Orange Stuff

Post by pstarkoski on Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:13 am

From: Connie's Orange Stuff Cool_global_nickConnie's Orange Stuff CLOVELUCKYLADY1 (Original Message)Sent: 10/10/2005 10:43 PM

Connie's orange stuff
16oz.cottage cheese
3oz orange jello
1ccan manardian oranges drained
1small can of crushed pineapple drianed
1 small bowl of cool whip

Sprinkle jello over cottage cheese . mix well with other ingredients and chill

cool whip mixes better if you thaw a little for a while
just a fun little dessert

******For Easter strawberry jello and strawberries
. for thanksgiving use cranberry jello or any flavors you want .

sugar free jello can be used .( i like the sugare free better)not as sweet


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