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Momma's Aoron - poem

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Momma's Aoron - poem Empty Momma's Aoron - poem

Post by Pixie on Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:36 am

Mama's Apron

An apron played a big part in mama's life
As common to wear as being a housewife.

She used it to gather eggs at the end of the day
To gather vegetables to can and put away
To feed the family on a rainy day...

She used it to pick up chips
To start a fire in the old wood stove.
To cook the daily bread,
For her main concern was to keep her family fed.

She folded it around her hands
When at the table the blessing was said.
And wore it in the rain to cover her graying head,
She wrapped it around the baby's legs when it was cold
And sometimes used it to wipe his lil' nose.

It was a faithful servant thru sad and lonely years
She even used it to dry away her tears.

When the children were tucked in and their prayers were said...
She laid out a clean one at the foot of her bed.

Their job is over now, they did their best.
Mama and her apron have been laid to rest.
If all is true about Heaven I've been told,
Mama is now weaving an apron of spun gold...

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Momma's Aoron - poem Empty Re: Momma's Aoron - poem

Post by Texas_Dawn on Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:45 pm

Great poem to add as a special touch with that gift of a homemade apron.


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