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Poinsettia Angel Flower Craft

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Poinsettia Angel Flower Craft Empty Poinsettia Angel Flower Craft

Post by Pixie on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:35 pm

Poinsettia Flower Angel Craft

What you will need: Silk poinsettia flowers, 1 1/2 “ red ribbon, 1 1/4” wooden ball head, fake hair, two small beads for the feet, 6 mm red ribbon, small bird, hot melt glue, white glitter pipe cleaner.

What to do:

Remove the center of the poinsettia flower so that a pipe cleaner can be inserted into the center.
Insert the pipe cleaner through the center of the flower. Pull it all the way through the flower from the top until you have only 1” showing. Bend the 1” length left to form a circle.
Glue the flower petals down toward the pipe cleaner so that they don’t stick out too far.
Tie a bow using the 1 1/2” ribbon onto the pipe cleaner just above the poinsettia petals. Pull the bow ends around to form the arms of the angel and glue in place. Glue a small bird onto the arms.
Next thread the wooden head onto the pipe cleaner just above the bow. Pull the head down tight and wind the remaining pipe cleaner around on top of the head to form a halo.
Glue on the hair.
Tie two ribbons with beads attached to the bottoms onto the loop under the poinsettia flower to form legs and feet.
Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the angel to hang.

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