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Gift Wrapping Idea from CMforever

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Gift Wrapping Idea from CMforever Empty Gift Wrapping Idea from CMforever

Post by Texas_Dawn on Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:17 am

This came in a craft e-mail that I receive in my Hotmail. I thought it was a cute so I'm passing it on. You could use a liter soda bottle too and make the slit a little bigger (allowing you to slip bigger things inside) adding a label with their name and the occasion making it extra special.
Small plastic bottles are great fun.
Cut a small slice in side of bottle 1 to 2 inches. Wrap small gifts
for birthdays, Easter, Christmas any time. Place them in the bottle
through the 1" to 2" hole. Add ribbon or colored paper also inside.
Cover hole with a label with child's name. Kids just love them,
Grandma's have fun making them.
I'm not sure how the child opens them but with adult supervision I guess they could be cut open. I just thought it was something different and would make an inexpensive gift much more fun to give and receive. Giving a cash gift this way would make it a lot more original!

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