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Christmas Earring Tree

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Christmas Earring Tree Empty Christmas Earring Tree

Post by Texas_Dawn on Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:27 am

Christmas Earring Tree

1 oval embroidery hoop
1 sheet of plastic canvas
ribbon 1/4 inch
lace---the kind you can thread ribbon in the center 1/2 inch wide
roses or holley
1 xacto knife
3 or 4 inch wood heart for base
1 bottle of red acrylic paint
1 bottle of white acrylic paint
1 bottle of sealer
1 paintbrush
hot glue & glue stick

With red paint, paint the heart on both sides at least twice. and let dry. Seal with sealer. Now, take your hoop apart, now you have two pieces. Paint the two pieces at least twice with the white paint. Let dry between the two coats. Now seal them with the sealer. Let dry.
Lay freezer paper on flat surface and take the smaller of the two pieces of the hoop and run hot glue on the edge all around, then place on top of a sheet of plastic canvas and press down to adhere. Take xacto knife and trim to fit the hoop.(sometimes you may have to reglue in certain spots.)
Now take your lace which should be about the same width of the hoop, probably no more than 1/2 inch. and glue starting at the top where the metal fastener is all the way to the other side of fastner.
Now assemble the hoop together. Glue at the opposite end of fastner to the heart base. Hold the hoop until the glue adheres pressing down on the heart base. You should now have a hoop standing on a base!
Decorate with holley or roses and ribbon around the metal fastner!

Set on you dresser and display your earrings and add to your decorations

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