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Holiday Pots Santa

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Holiday Pots Santa Empty Holiday Pots Santa

Post by Sierra Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:11 pm

Holiday Pots Santa
~Table Decoration Character~
5 terra cotta flower pots, 2-3/4"
Acrylic Crafts Paints:
burnt umber, white, flesh tone, holly green, light cinnamon, mauve, Payne's grey, Santa red, and acrylic glass sealer spray.
Tools and other supplies:
artists brushes - #4 fabric scrubber, #12 shader, #4 round, 10/0 liner
foam brush for base painting
White art foam sheet, 3" X 4"
Wooden candle cup, 1"
Wooden gingerbread boy, 1"
glue gun and glue sticks
Transfer paper, tracing paper and stylus
white pom-pom, 2"
Paint Pots:
1. Using 1" foam brush, paint four pots with Red, leaving the rims unpainted.
2. Using a #12 flat shader, paint the remaining pot with flesh tone.
3. On two of the red pots, use the fabric scrubber to tap White paint on the rims.
4. On the remaining red pot, paint the rim with Payne's Grey.
5. Transfer face pattern to Flesh Tone pot, using the photo as a guide for placement.
6. Using the fabric scrubber brush, tap White paint on the Flesh Tone pot for beard, moustache, and hair, leaving a 1"area for the neck.
7. Using a liner brush add white eyebrows.
8. Using the fabric scrubber brush, apply Mauve to the cheek area.
9. Using liner brush, outline moustache with Payne's Grey.
10. Using a stylus, dot eyes with Payne's Grey.
11. Using a round brush, paint inner mouth with Red and lower lip with Mauve.
12. On one red pot with white rim, tap a White 1" -wide vertical band for center front fur.
Paint Arms:
1. Transfer pattern for arms to art foam sheet. Cut out.
2. Using a #12 flat shader, paint gloves with Holly Green and arms with Santa Red.
3. Using fabric scrubber, tap white fur between the Red and Holly Green areas.
Paint Candle Cup and Gingerbread Man:
1. Using the #12 flat shader, paint candle cup with red.
2. Using #12 flat shader, paint gingerbread man with light cinnamon.
3. Dip one side of the flat shader in Light Cinnamon. Dip the opposite side in White. Highlight the right side of head, hand, and leg.
4. Dip one side of the #12 flat shader in Burnt Umber. Dip the opposite side in Light Cinnamon. Shade the left side of the head, hand and leg.
5. Using a liner brush add white eyebrows and squiggly lines on arms and legs.
6. Using a stylus, add Payne's Grey dip-dot eyes.
7. Using the handle end of the liner brush, add three White buttons.
1. Using the photo as a guide, glue pots together to form hat, head, and body. Let dry.
2. Spray piece with sealer.
3. Glue arms to each side of body.
4. Glue the candle cup between the hands.
5. Glue gingerbread man to front of candle cup.
6. Glue pom-pom to top of Santa.

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