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Pompoms Empty Pompoms

Post by Texas_Dawn on Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:54 am


Pompoms Pompom-makerIf you don't have an actual pompom maker, you can simply cut a narrow, 6" long rectangle from a stiff piece of cardboard (the width of the rectangle depends on how large a pompom you wish to create). Cut a slit down the center of the cardboard, stopping 1" from the opposite end.

Take a 12" piece of yarn and slide it down to the bottom of the slit. Starting at the bottom of the slit, wrap several inches of the cardboard with yarn (loose enough for the cardboard to remain flat). Pull the ends of the 12" piece of yarn up around the part you just wrapped and create a slip knot. Gently pull it snug until you can slide all the yarn off the cardboard without losing the loops of the pompom. You may need to keep tightening the slip knot as you're gradually sliding the yarn off the cardboard.

Once the wrapped yarn is completely removed, draw the knot up tight and tie it one or two more times to keep it from coming loose. Now just snip all of the loops of the pompom with scissors, shaping as necessary. Use the ends of the tie piece of yarn to secure the pompom to the slipper.

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